Tips for Hiring the Right PA Divorce Lawyer

October 8, 2010

If you’re involved in a marriage where divorce is the only path to peace, the type of attorney you choose can play a large role in how peaceful you feel once your divorce is settled. As you search for an attorney, it’s important to observe some time tested tips for hiring the right PA divorce lawyer, three of which we list below.

1. Always Hire an Attorney that Specializes in Your Type of Case

While it seems obvious that a divorce attorney should handle a divorce case, people commonly hire lawyers that specialize in other areas, which is like consulting a podiatrist for pulmonary issues. Do you have a friend or relative who practices law? Are you acquainted with a lawyer who helped you in a previous legal case? Don’t hire them unless they practice divorce law. Otherwise, your spouse’s divorce lawyer, who has years of experience, will have the advantage.

2. Never Hire an Attorney Straight from the Yellow Pages

When a person needs a lawyer, anxiety often drives them to hire one as quickly as possible, hence the opening of the Yellow Pages. Hiring an attorney straight from the phone book doesn’t assure that you’ll receive poor service. But it does amount to shooting at ducks in the dark. A better idea is to visit a website that offers independent appraisals of attorneys, such as, and select a highly rated lawyer in your area.

3. Always Hire an Attorney that Handles More than One type of Divorce

Divorces fall into two broad categories: contested, which occur when spouses disagree about the division of marital assets, child custody, and/or other issues, and uncontested, also known as no fault. Some attorney’s prefer to handle the former due to the higher fees they yield, while others also handle the latter, which, in the case of Philadelphia divorce, can be resolved for as little as $400, and can also be filed online. To find out whether you qualify for a PA no fault divorce, contact a PA divorce lawyer today.

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