This Guy Really Did Not Want a New Jersey Divorce!

February 25, 2013

A northern New Jersey man attempted to murder his wife after learning that she was seeking a divorce. He shot her in the back, chest, and buttocks, but she did not die. After being thrown in jail, he later asked her to remove the restraining order so he could communicate with her. Hello? After shooting your wife, I am not so sure she wants to speak to you.

The story link is here:

There are not enough details here to have a full understanding of the history in this particular case, but as a divorce attorney in PA and NJ, I always try to get a feel for the dynamics of the couple and whether there could be any sort of violence. Most of my clients tell me that their spouse knows about the divorce and is in agreement, but the remaining issue is how to divide the finances. Folks do appear to be staying together longer out of necessity, with the downturn in the economy.

When having severe marital problems, marriage counseling is the first option to try and then considering all options to make the divorce smoother if you are going to proceed. Consider uncontested divorce, mediation, and then traditional contested divorce as the final option. It is generally best to try to take the emotion out of it as best as possible and try to move forward in a business-like manner. Bitter fighting through the court system seems to make things take longer and cost more. If any violence is feared, please be careful to take the appropriate precautions.


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