A PA Divorcee Ponders Canceling Christmas

December 13, 2012

As a PA divorce attorney, many unfortunate situations can be witnessed as couples break apart to live separate lives. This is especially true for when one spouse in a relationship is abandoned and left to raise the couple’s children on their own. When situations like this occur and the parent raising the child/children are strapped for money, it can be devastating to all involved.

This story, featured in the local news section of “The Mercury” (click to access the full article) online is very eye opening to what some families are dealing with this holiday season. This now single, mother of three spoke to The Mercury staff to discuss her thoughts on the possibility for canceling Christmas due to financial issues.

This is truly devastating to read about because this woman’s children/grandchildren may be passed by Santa Clause this year and to no fault of their own. I hope this family can pull through this difficult time to enjoy and appreciate their time with one another.

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