If you are Going Through a Divorce in PA, Did you Know Your Pets Matter?

December 18, 2012

If you are going through a divorce in PA and share ownership of your pet(s)  know that there could be a custody case involving them if you and your spouse are unable to agree on ownership.

Contrary to popular belief, custody disputes are not just for your children. Pets are treated like any other piece of property so if there is an unresolved marital dispute regarding who will keep the family pet(s), the dispute may need to be settled in court.

When attempting to obtain custody of a pet- it is important to demonstrate you  have been the primary caretaker. If you can do this, youwill have a better chance of being granted custody of your beloved pet. For more information on “Why Pets Matter in Divorce” read the entire article written by Silvana D. Raso, published in the Divorce section of  the Huffington Post online.

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