Former Nickelodeon Star Files Bankruptcy

February 14, 2014

TMZ has reported that Drake Bell, a Former Nickelodeon kids TV star, has filed for bankruptcy.

Bell starred in Drake & Josh, a Nickelodeon series and did a prior series too, as well as some other work. Perhaps he has not had any lucrative work in awhile and those expenses were clearly continuing despite the drop in income.

When the money is rolling in it is tough to “plan for a rainy day”, but it seems that many famous people go through this. I recently posted about Terrell Owens and Allen Iverson (TO Blog Post). Saving up some living expenses, retirement funds, and not over-spending are the real keys. Though I am not too familiar with his work, I certainly wish Drake the best and hopefully a nice rebound in the future, as many folks have bounced back strongly from bankruptcy. Good luck Drake!

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By David Reinherz

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