Divorce: Quicker, Easier And Cleaner

February 25, 2013

When the Love is Gone

It’s over. You did your best but you know that you cannot carry on living as a couple. You tried couple’s therapy, perhaps some one-on-one sessions or group therapy. You’ve talked to each other extensively, to your respective families and friends but you have decided that it is for the best. You no longer wish to be a couple and you file for divorce. Perhaps there is some affection left or maybe it is a bitter process full of angry recriminations, accusations of infidelity and petty attempts to make the other deliberately miserable. The one thing you both agree on though is that your relationship is over; you immediately go about the process of filling in the documents that will lead to the cessation of your legal obligation to each other. For most it is a quick and easy process. If you both agree on the reason for the divorce and will not contest it, you could be free to marry again within a few months. But for a lot of couples there are issues to deal with first.

What about your Possessions and Family

You’ve agreed on most things. You’ve thrashed out visiting rights, who gets the pets, the furniture, the favourite crockery all down to the finest of details. This is yours and that is mine. This came from your mother so you should have it. I never liked that but I know you do so you can keep it… yes I know it is worth a lot of money but I think it is ugly. In the grand scheme of things a lot of this is unimportant even if it is difficult to divide up possessions in such an arbitrary way. Even when amicable, there may be sticking points and there is no greater problem than the major property issues of the house, who keeps it and how much they ought to give the other to buy out single ownership. Sometimes the couple cannot agree and it must go to Solicitors; this can sometimes mean a lot more time, effort, money and stress upon either or both parties. But before we get to the stage of “speaking through the Solicitors”, there is a third option. Assuming that you still feel comfortable being in the same room together, you should consider Mediation.

Avoid Dolly Parton’s Misery

Mediation is a simple and cheaper than the court option and far less messy. You will pay for the Mediation sessions as a couple rather than hiring a Solicitor each to argue on your behalf. As anybody knows, this can be quite costly and even stressful if it is perceived that one party is being deliberately difficult and in some ways the divorcing couple feels the process is being taken out of their hands. Like a session of couple’s therapy, mediation encourages the divorcing couple to communicate and come to an agreement thereby retaining control over the decisions without feeling pushed into making decisions by Solicitors. Mediators can make suggestions, encouraging former couples to think a little more flexibly than what a court might impose. If such agreements are reached, time in the courtroom can be limited or removed altogether. This removes the unpleasantness and bickering that sometimes results from lengthy divorce proceedings. Divorcees that have gone through Mediation report that they feel very much at the centre of the process and are happy with the services.

Aimee Coppock is a writer who has a keen interest in law and relationships. She recommends that if your relationship has turned sour and you require the input of solicitors, Wimbledon experts can guide you in the right direction at this difficult and stressful time.

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