Dionne Warwick has filed a New Jersey Bankruptcy

March 28, 2013

Singer, Dionne Warwick, has filed a New Jersey Bankruptcy.

The story indicates that she is a cousin to Whitney Houston and that she had many top music hits, though she is now 72 years old.

According to a news story, her bankruptcy petition indicates that she has very nice income of around $20,000 monthly but expenses of a similar amount. Not much assets at all and a ton of debt, most of which stems from old tax issues.

There are many famous folks who have filed bankruptcy, generally because of mismanagement of their money and expensive lifestyles. No matter how much you make, you need to save some of your income and live within your means. Filing bankruptcy does not mean that someone is a bad person, just that things got off track somewhere along the way. Sometimes it is bad management and other times some bad luck or personal tragedy such as medical problems.

At Reinherz Law, we help folks file for bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our bankruptcy clients sometimes seek a fresh start or to reorganize to catch up on back mortgage payments. Like Dionne, some folks have good income, while others have very low income. There are different solutions for different folks, but our laws were made to provide much needed protection from creditors either way.

Here is the CNN story link: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/26/showbiz/dionne-warwick-bankruptcy

Good luck Dionne.


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