AVANDIA Lawsuits

April 18, 2013

Since we are lucky enough to have a former Pharmacist on our staff, we thought an update on the controversial and newsworthy drug, Avania, would be in order.


There has been a lot of talk about Avandia in the news lately.  Avandia, also known as rosiglitazone is a medicine for Type 2 diabetes.  It is very important that Avandia only be used after a patient has tried other medications and still cannot control their blood glucose levels.  Simply put, Avandia works by making the body more sensitive to the insulin.  Insulin is a chemical produced by the body to help break down glucose and keep the body’s blood sugar levels regulated.  It should be noted that Type 1 diabetic patients cannot produce insulin; therefore they should NOT take Avandia at any time.


If your healthcare provider has tried other medication and then prescribed Avandia to you, it is important that you test your blood sugar regularly and report back to your healthcare provider. Problems with Avandia have been reported.  These problems can be serious and include increased risks for heart attack and stroke.  Additionally, Avandia has been linked to the exasperation of heart disease, liver failure, diabetic related eye problems, and an increased occurrence of bone fractures in the hands and feet.


The serious cardiac side effects of Avandia have prompted tens of thousands of law suits.  In 2007, an extensive Senate Finance Committee study revealed that Galaxo Smith Kline knew about the increased chance of heart attacks compared to placebo, however, hid these findings from the public.  Many of these cases have been settled out of Court.  As of May 2010, $460 million dollars has been set aside by Galaxo Smith Kline to settle 10,000 such cases.  Additionally, more than 5,500 cases have resulted in death.


A recent news item indicated that the FDA is reconsidering the safety issues with Avandia in an upcoming meeting. In recent reports, some thought that this might be an attempt to market the drug more broadly but seems that his may be more of a safety follow up meeting.


Her is an updated new piece on Avandia in case you want to read more: http://medcitynews.com/2013/04/fda-advisory-panel-to-reconsider-safety-of-diabetes-drug-avandia/


If you have had any of the above medical problems as a result of Avandia, contact us at Reinherz Law Offices to discuss your rights. 215-922-2055 or 856-302-3989.



Written by Daniel Reinherz, RPh and Legal Case Manager and BY David Reinherz


Disclaimer – We do not give medical advise, so the above blog post is just our opinion. You must speak with your physician for that, of course! When appropriate we also refer certain cases to a certified trial attorney that we team with to make sure our clients are given the best legal services possible.


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